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    Finish coats poll



    What type of finish do you prefer on your surfboards

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    Finish coats poll

    Post  scootertrash on Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:40 am

    Wadda you like ?
    and why ?

    finish coated bottom can be wet sanded with #320 or #400 wet /dry sandpaper. Use water and sand in same direction as the stringer from nose to tail, tail to nose, do the fins and rails too. You will notice that the water will stick to the wetsanded bottom and feel very different from the finish/polished bottom. The result feels faster to me, more under control and more conected to the wave. You can try it on any board you are used to. Ride it glossed first, wet sand the bottom and try it again to feel the difference. The board can be freshened periodically in this way if it becomes dead and sluggish.

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